About Flamel


Since the acquisition of Éclat, we have implemented a balanced business model allowing Flamel to commercialize niche branded (Bloxiverz®® and Vazculep®) and generic pharmaceutical products in the U.S. and other countries as appropriate, and blend novel, high-value internally developed products with our drug delivery and capabilities.

Flamel’s new model allows us now to select, develop, seek approval for, and commercialize niche branded products mainly in the U.S. and most of the opportunities are self-funded. By adopting this revised strategy, the Company makes itself less dependent on the often changing strategies of partners in the future. Nevertheless, Flamel is still exploring development, supply and licensing opportunities for either its drug delivery platforms or its proprietary products with carefully selected third parties, but, unlike our historical operations, will not be dependent completely on those partnerships to create revenue and profit opportunities.

The key elements of our strategy that enable us to build upon our strengths are:

  • Maximizing the commercial potential of our “Unapproved to Approved” products acquired from Éclat Pharmaceuticals, L.L.C.;
  • Continuing to build commercially successful products utilizing Micropump®;
  • Identifying and optimizing time-to-market for our (not yet approved) drug delivery platforms, i.e. LiquiTime®, Trigger Lock™ and Medusa™;
  • Maximizing the technical potential of our existing drug delivery platforms for developing new and proprietary products with the appropriated development pathway;
  • Developing and validating additional drug delivery platforms for unmet applications utilizing our current drug delivery platforms; and,
  • Leveraging the capabilities of our existing (and future) proprietary products and/or drug delivery platforms with pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners.