Message from CEO

Welcome to the “new” Flamel Technologies

When Flamel Technologies acquired Éclat Pharmaceuticals, it created a more vertically integrated pharmaceutical company with greater upside potential, it took greater control of its pipeline, and it created dramatic new opportunities for growth. The “new” Flamel now combines a rich history of expertise in drug delivery with an established commercial capability.

We intend to combine our rich drug delivery heritage with our newly acquired commercial capabilities to create a Flamel better able to control its own destiny. By combining partnerships with carefully selected projects of our own, we can more quickly develop products and can do so with less risk.

We have already begun to effect these changes. We have identified a number of products with meaningful commercial value that can be created using our existing platforms of technology. New opportunities for the market that utilize Medusa, Micropump, LiquiTime, or Trigger Lock are abundant. Our technology allows us to create products that make therapy more efficacious, by either increasing patient compliance or by reducing unwanted side effects. In today’s health care environment it is important that products either reduce healthcare costs or increase the efficacy of new or existing products and Flamel’s outstanding technologies allow us to do just that.

We have first-class technologies and very talented people at Flamel Technologies. Our objective will be to combine those two important components with the new commercial capability to create a company focused on creating profit and on creating real shareholder value.

Best Regards

Michael S. Anderson,

Chief Executive Officer of Flamel Technologies