Message from CEO

Welcome to the “new” Flamel Technologies

Since the acquisition of Eclat Pharmaceuticals, Flamel Technologies has created a more vertically integrated specialty pharmaceutical company.  This acquisition gives Flamel Technologies the ability to control its own destiny by being able to design and manage its own pipeline of new products and by being able to better commercialize opportunities that it develops.

When this transformation occurred, we talked about combining our rich heritage of drug delivery development with an experienced commercial capability and  a more complete understanding of the US market, the world’s largest pharmaceutical market.  We articulated the advantages of creating our own projects, developing them independently, and then determining the correct commercial approach.  The strategy was anchored on choosing projects with less risk, projects that could be developed more quickly, and products that offered significant advantages to patients, their physicians, and third party payers.

We have already begun to effect these changes.  We have identified and begun work on a number of products with meaningful commercial value.  Each of the Flamel funded internal projects will be protected by the Intellectual Property covering either Micropump®, LiquiTime®, Trigger Lock™, or Medusa™, our proprietary drug delivery platforms.  If we are successful, we will be able to create products that either increase the efficacy of existing therapies or reduce costs by improving patients’ compliance, or, in some cases, both.

Combining first-class technology and a  comprehensive market knowledge with  talented scientists is the key to our future success.  Being able to coalesce these components will help us to build up a company focused both of creating profit and real shareholder value

Best Regards

Michael S. Anderson,

Chief Executive Officer of Flamel Technologies