Advanced Formulation and Delivery Platforms for Better and Safer Drugs

Flamel Technologies is dedicated to improve the lives of patients by developing better and safer drugs using proprietary and innovative formulation and delivery platforms.

Flamel Technologies’ versatile, proprietary drug delivery platforms (PDF file) may be used to solve threshold issues for development of: insoluble molecules; biologics that are prone to aggregation; and poorly stable chemical and biological drugs.

The Company’s innovative delivery platforms offer many unique competitive advantages:

  • Improvement of drug characteristics such as efficacy, bioavailability and pharmacokinetics;
  • Improvement of the drug safety profile with a noticeable diminution of peak dose concentrations, which in turn allows administration of higher effective doses and potentially greater efficacy;
  • Potential improvement of patient’s compliance due to reduced side-effects and greater convenience;
  • Protection of market position through patent extension and/or product differentiation; and
  • Potential extension of market to new indications and new patient populations.

The Company leverages its proprietary and innovative drug delivery platforms by mixing internal developments of R&D compounds and marketed drugs with a diversified portfolio of partnered products, mitigating risks and generating revenues through milestones and royalties.