Delivery Platform for the Modified/Controlled Release of Liquid, Oral Dosage Formulations of Drugs

LiquiTime® platform is a novel, proprietary and innovative delivery platform allowing the stable Liquid and controlled releaseformulation of one or several combined drugs over Time.

LiquiTime®meets challenges faced in the treatment of pediatric and geriatric patients and patient populations who have difficulty swallowing usual tablets or capsules, and provide better patient compliance for certain indications such as CNS.

LiquiTime profiles

This graph illustrates the different near zero-order release profiles which can be tailored for the same drug

LiquiTime®’s versatility allows once-a-day liquid formulations of a wide variety of drugs.*


LiquiTime mechanism of action


Flamel has two LiquiTime®-based and self-funded products at various stages of development; first pivotal clinical study could be expected as early as in 2015.

LiquiTime Key Attributes

  • Easy to swallow, good mouth feeling, taste masked
  • Liquid formulations stable over time
  • Applicable to a priori a wide range of drugs, not limited to ionic drugs as with resin-complex based technology
  • First-order kinetics
  • Combination of immediate release and extended release kinetics possible
  • Combination in the same formulation of different drugs with different release kinetics possible
  • Use “Generally Regarded as Safe” (GRAS) materials to warrant safety
  • Rapid development time under cGMP conditions
  • Ease to scale-up to industrial scale
  • Clinical Proof of Concept achieved in humans
  • Broad and strong IP protection (several patents granted e.g. in the US, EU and Japan)


LiquiTime® Oral Liquid Controlled Release Drug Delivery Platform
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