Trigger Lock

Abuse-Resistant Modified/Controlled Release Narcotics/Opioid Analgesics

Flamel’s Trigger Lock™ platform utilizes Micropump®’s competitive advantages to allow the development of abuse-resistant modified/controlled release formulations of narcotics and other drugs susceptible to abuse:

  • Micropump particles are extremely difficult to crush to extract the narcotic/opioid analgesics;
  • Additional formulation modifications are made to prevent other less publicized methods of abusing controlled release technologies are available; and,
  • Trigger Lock™ can provide products that are either bioequivalent to or have improved pharmacokinetics over marketed narcotic/opioid analgesics.

Trigger Lock™ is composed of

  1. Drug loaded Micropump® microparticles sustained release (SR) microparticles which are resistant to crushing
  2. Viscosifying ingredient(s) to prevent abuse by injection after extraction in a small volume of solvent
  3. Quenching ingredient(s) to prevent extraction in large volumes of liquid