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Technology Platforms Presentations

Flamel Technologies Medusa® and Micropump® Drug Delivery Platforms

Flamel Technologies’ versatile, proprietary and complementary drug delivery platforms to formulate new compounds or to manage the life cycle of drugs

Flamel Technologies Medusa® Drug Delivery Platform

Hydrogel depot platform for the delivery of a broad range of biotherapeutics and small molecules through injection

Flamel Technologies Micropump® Drug Delivery Platform

Controlled-release versatile platform for orally administered small molecule drugs

Flamel Technologies LiquiTime® Drug Delivery Platform

Liquid platform to serve pediatric and geriatric patients (easy to swallow due to the small microparticles’ size)

Flamel Technologies Trigger Lock™ Drug Delivery Platform

Microparticle-based platform to deter abuse of narcotic and opioid analgesics

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