We have proprietary information about various licensing opportunities, either existing projects or potential applications of our drug delivery technologies.

Micropump® Controlled release of oral drugs
Trigger Lock Tamper-resistant controlled release formulations
 LiquiTime® Controlled release oral liquid drugs
 Medusa Controlled release of injected biologics and small molecules drugs

These technologies enable the development of improved pharmaceutical products thanks to their features:

  • delivery of unmodified active ingredients (non-denaturing formulations) with full therapeutic efficiency
  • extended duration of action
  • fully biocompatible and biodegradables carriers
  • combination of active ingredients with tailored release profiles
  • application to a wide range of small and large molecules
  • demonstrated tolerability
  • cost-effective process, easy to implement and scale-up 

Flamel Technologies has conducted human testing for the following indications: hepatitis C, diabetes, renal cell carcinoma, herpes, gastroesophageal reflux syndrome and infections.

Please contact us to discuss these opportunities.